Friday, May 29, 2009

Gordon is busy

The teacher told us Gordon was still inside the school when we went to pick the boys up yesterday. Usually, he'll be running all over the place. But not yesterday. Awwww..... what a wonderful sight. My boy can actually sit there inside and do his coloring quietly, how nice.

Today's the last day of school, and also the beginning of my nightmare. How am i going to spend 17 days home with the kids, lol!!! It's easy with Gordon as he can play on his own. As for Malcolm, he only wants to "pah" everything that his Kor-kor.

In a way, i'm going to spend a lot of time coaching Gordon over these two weeks. I hope to see some progress as his teacher told me his comprehension is not that good with "opposites". I know he's slow. He's getting all the attention from me then. Lots of practical work.

Malcolm will benefit from it too as he's beginning to like reading and coloring. Will have to instill that in the both of them early, hoh. I'll post the updates on their progress if i have the time. Geee.... i hate Facebook so much. Been playing their online games till i neglect my blogs, lol.

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