Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Love this pair of Lanvin pumps

I went through the shoe cabinet just now and found that i have quite a few pairs of heels that i no longer wear. I even found the white pair of heels which i bought when i went to have my wedding portrait taken. My God!!!!! That's more than six years ago, man. It's a pair of 3.5" high heels. The rest are mostly 3" or 2.5" ones. I have them in so many colors. I tried on a pair just now and somehow, i've forgotten how to walk in them, lol. Hubby came back and saw me swaying from left to right and nearly died laughing. Yerrrrrrr........

Anyway, most of the shoes are old and no fashionable. I will only keep the pair i bought for my wedding and that's it. They are all going into the trashbin, lol. With so much space inside the shoe cabinet, i can then buy new shoes, YESSSSS!!!! My friend saw this elegant pair of Lanvin pump with white bows on it and asked me if it'll look good on her or not. I told her it'll go well with all her skinny jeans. I have a few pairs of skinny jeans too. If it comes in my size, i dont mind buying a pair for myself. I wear size 3. But after checking the site out, they dont have it in my size.... too bad. Forget about it. Maybe next time.

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