Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm sick of floral skirts

Malcolm fell off the bed as i was publishing my previous post. Oh, dont worry, I padded the area around the bed and there's plenty of soft-landing for him. I was thinking, "Oh My Gawd..... awake at this hour?". He took one look at me and went back to sleep, phewwwww. If not, i wont be able to continue sitting here and typing out this post, you know. It's already 7am and i can only work for another two hours at the most. Gordon tends to wake up early with the bedroom lights on. I dont want to type with a dim light as it strains my eyes.

I was checking out some tights just now when i came across this Silence & Noise skirt and sent the link to my friend. She immediately replied and said she wants to buy it. Me, i dont quite like it. It looks almost the same like the floral skirts my mom made for me when i was a kid. What do you think of the skirt? Would you buy it? If you do, what would you pair it with? Heels or flats? I think this skirt will only look good on someone really tall and skinny. I'm skinny, but short not tall. I'll need to wear a pair of heels to look good in such skirts. Can forget about wearing flats.

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