Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday at my Mom's

I was pretty down and out for the whole of last week. On Saturday, i felt slightly better. Even made a pot of ABC soup. After giving them their lunch, Gordon wanted to go to my mom's and happily, i drove both of them over. Here are just some pics i took of them having fun with their cousins. If i feel better, i put the video up also. How was your weekend. I'm still sick as time of typing. No mood to even go get myself an insurance quote. Just wish hubby can be home now :(

Saturday at Mom's
Malcolm with Jiann Ynan & Yunn Ching

Saturday at Mom's
Gordon digging for diamonds...

Saturday at Mom's
Mama.... this one looks like the watering can at Animal Crossing, hoh....

The Piano
My Young Chang upright piano. My niece is learning to play it now. Me.... i wanna learn the flute, but no one's teaching it in Ipoh. BAH!!!!!

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