Thursday, April 23, 2009

Adidas sandals for kids

These are the latest additions to the kids' shoes collection. It's Adidas sandals for them this round. Gordon is out-growing his shoes at a tremendous speed. So, must buy for him. He has Malcolm to wear his old shoes, so i buy him good quality shoes that can last till Malcolm out-grows them. Papa, on the other hand, cannot bear to see his darling Malcolm not getting new shoes and insists he gets a pair too. Well, as long as i'm not paying, go buy lah, lol. And yes, i bought the blue pair of Adidas sandals for Gordon. Papa paid for the yellow pair of Adidas sandals for Malcolm. But when the wife say she also wants a pair, he say why buy so expensive shoes, niamah.... I'm so not buying him anymore Crocs.

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