Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Home for the rest of the week

It's Wednesday. How was your week thus far? I heard many people do not like Wednesday, but not me. I love weekdays. Yesterday, after sending the kids to school, hubby and i went shopping. He wanted to buy a new pair of jeans, and i want to buy dresses. I saw this American Eagle dress at an online shop and wanted to look for something like that. It'll go well with my skinny jeans. But then, we didnt find anything that makes us look good in it. I might just buy it from the online shop later on.

Hubby's gone back to KL and i'll be home alone with the kids for days on end again. i dont mind him away during the week, but i wish he can be home during weekends to help me care for the kids. You should have seen Malcolm when he saw his Papa's bags all packed and ready to go. He quickly went and look for his shoes and asked me to help him out it on for him. In his haste to follow his Papa out, he's totally forgotten how to out on his shoes, lol.

He wailed a little. My MIL asked me take him back into the room. Me, i'd rather he understand the fact that his Papa will be going to work and made sure he waves goodbye to him. Gordon also doesnt want his Papa to go but he's big enough to understand. The moment hubby's car came to pick him up, Malcolm's all smiles again and asked me to go cook him "meen-meen".

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