Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Do you hate your job?

Those of you who are still whining about how bad your boss is and how much you hate your job, you'd better start liking it now. Be grateful that you still have something called a monthly salary to take home each month. Even if you are forced to take a pay cut, you're till getting paid. Definitely better than being out of a job, and staying home all day scouring the classifieds sections. Dont be surprised that there may be a hundred people applying for the same position for a much lower pay that you are used to. I'm sure you dont want to go for job interviews efor months on end, right.

Many companies and large corporation are now facing financial difficulties. Even my neighbor is facing financial difficulties and need a good Collection Agency to help with her bad debts. If you've not been your own boss before, you wont understand how difficult it is now. I've been self-employed since 23 and i know how depressed i can get if no new projects are at the table. Although i dont have staffs, i do have a lot of contractors looking up to me to provide them with projects to keep their factory running during bad times. Those were the days. I've been through a lot of hardships before and i'm glad i'm no longer in the rat race. I enjoy what i'm doing right now.

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