Monday, July 07, 2008

Who wants to watch Heart Of Greed online for free?

Okay, back to work. Finally finished watching Heart Of Greed. All 40 episodes of it. The files are still inside my hard disk. My best friend wants it. 2 DVDs should do the trick, lol. After that, fast fast get rid of those Heart Of Greed files.

I dont know what's so interesting about this Heart Of Greed drama series. Nothing kancheong also. Every episode also argue, every ten minutes another family squabble, screaming, yelling, tears. Aiyo, really made for efnd silais, man. I dont even need to look at it. Just by listening to it also i feel damn sien jorr.

Which episode of Heart Of Greed airing on Astro On Demand now? Some more have to pay for wan, hoh. Want spoilers or not? Or shall i just let you all know the ending. I tell you, if i have to pay to watch Heart Of Greed, i will be the one screaming in the end. So, who wants to watch Heart Of Greed online for free?

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