Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Pissed. Pissed because i keep getting emails that piss me off. Pissed because knnccb Streamyx line sucks and make updating my blogs a chore. Pissed because one of my keywords ranking fell. Pissed because i lost a lot of money due to that. Pissed because i need to build links to get it up again but the cb line makes life difficult for me. Pissed because people assume i must reply to their email as soon as my phone beeps. Pissed because people who comes to me for help just arent sincere. Pissed simply because you are rude. Pissed because you think i owe you an answer. Piss off. The blogger is pissed today. And she will be pissed for a long long time. She will be pissed until her keyword is where it once was. I dont care if you are pissed or not but the blogger is.

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