Saturday, July 05, 2008

What kind of shopper are you?

When you go shopping for clothes, do you like to dig around at the best buy area? Neh, those big metal racks or what-you-call-them, which they place right at the storefront leh. I know you get huge savings there, but i hate sight of so many people pulling and dragging at those clothing. Moreover, those are mostly off-season items, and i doubt if i can find one in my size also.

I have nothing against wearing off-season items, but having to wait in line just to try those pieces on can take a long time. If i want to find best buy items without much hassle, i think i can get better deals online. No need to go to the shopping malls, minus the crowd and save on petrol and parking fees. What about you? Do you love to buy from those best buy racks?

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