Saturday, July 05, 2008

Of egg mayo sandwich, Wii and the TV

Ahhhhh..... it's Saturday. What shall i do today? Where shall i take the kids today? Last week, we took them to the park for some outdoor fun. After making a nice and quick egg mayo sandwich for breakfast, i went about checking my blogs and updating a few of them. He's playing with the Wii at the living hall, giggling and laughing away.

I know this annoys the hell out of his grandparents, who are inside the room right next to the living hall. But i cant help it, hoh. I dont know why there's no color on the tv screen when i plug the Wii to the tv inside the bedroom. How to play lidat? So, no choice lah. But my in-laws keep turning the tv off each time Gordon walks back inside the room or goes to the kitchen now, tiu.

I dont care lah if they turn the tv off, but leave the farking main switch alone. It'll damage the Wii if curent is cut off without shutting it down properly. Niamah, that thing is more expensive than the stupid tv lah. Dont know lah, i've told them to leave the main switch alone. If this persists, then i have no choice but to buy a new tv for the bedroom lah.

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molly said...

Wah, all the four letter words and hard words are in, haha. Some times in life is like that leh, no choice, be patience! My friend!