Saturday, June 07, 2008

What are you doing to cut down on expenses?

The receipt reads rm103.xx. I left it inside the car. Anyway, doesnt matter. Just that we cant even get a full tank with that amount. And it's only a Proton Wira. In a way, i'm lucky as i dont own a car. Was in the process of looking for one just for the sake of buying one, lol. Looks like i can shove the idea under the bed for the time being. I really dont need a car in order to make money online.

We dont refill the fuel tank that often. Maybe once a week. I never keep track of our daily expenses as we dont spend much. Dont count shopping, k. We can do without those items if we want. What we really have to spend each month is Malcolm's daycare fees, Gordon's kindy fees, insurance, 3 mobile lines and Streamyx. Apart from that, it's grocery items and food. I will post whatever changes to my lifestyle that i have and will be making in order to save more money.

Workwise, there's hosting and domain fees to make money online. Maybe the occasional softwares. Of course i have to think of ways to cut down on some unnecessary expenses. It wont save much, really. But a little goes a long way. It's a fact that price will continue to rise and we have no choice but to brace ourselves for tougher times ahead. And yes,lifestyle changes is the best way to curb unnecessary expenses.

In a way, i'm glad i'm earning USD and not RM. I can understand how life can be for those who have to fork out so much more for living expenses each day and yet, salary remains the same. I dont think there'll be much left to go into the piggybank at the end of the month, huh. I will do whatever i can to spend less and earn more. It's really time to sit on my chair and make money online seriously.


L B said...

Seriously. I don't think I will be making so many trips to Ipoh this summer, for a start!! Eek!!

youngboss said...

hi, can you teach me how to make usd online?