Saturday, June 07, 2008

Save more shopping online

It's a wonderful afternoon. I wanted to send Gordon over to my mom's at first but according to my sister-in-law, my mom ate something at the market and is down with diarrhea and she's vomiting too. Sounds like a bad case of food poisoning to me. My advice is to go see a doctor and not stay home and wait. You know, old folks. Their immune system is low and something as simple as food poisoning can go out of hand if not taken care of promptly. Oh well, not my problem. They should know what to do.

I was supposed to go to the mall and hunt for baby shower gifts for a friend. She'll be delivering her first baby in a few month's time. Ahhhh.... i love babies. Especially those that dont cry and require minimum fuss, lol. Too bad, my Malcolm is still as crybaby as ever though he'll be turning two soon. Since the recent price hike for fuel, it doesnt really make much sense to drive all the way to town to do one thing. Looks like it's better to shop online these days. Yes, i can always buy baby shower gifts online. Saves me both time and money. And there are more discounts to be found online too.

I have a few items in mind that would make great baby shower gifts. One would be the ever useful baby stroller. I love baby strollers. Both my kids grew up in their strollers. if you were to ask me how useful a baby stroller is, let me just give you a few examples as to why i say a baby stroller is one of the best baby shower gift you can buy for someone. Apart from taking baby for a stroll in the evening, you can let baby sleep in it. This is especially true when you have a restless newborn. It can be tiring to carry baby all the time. So, by rocking baby gently to and fro in the stroller, you'll soon find that baby will sleep faster and better.

When baby is bigger, you can also use it as a high chair. You dont really need to buy a separate high chair for baby, you know. As baby strollers have harness in it, you can strap baby safely in it and feed him in it. Babies and toddlers get tired easily. If you plan to go shopping or even a family gathering, it's wise to bring the baby stroller along with you. Let them sleep in it when they are tired. A point to note is to buy a baby stroller that can recline. You'll be able to find a lot of great looking baby strollers at the link i provided earlier on in this post.

If you dont want to get your friend a baby stroller as a baby shower gift, there are lots more items there for you to get for baby. Another one of my favorite is a baby monitor. As mom needs to do household chores, she will be able to monitor her lil darling even from the backyard with the help of a baby monitor. Some models even allow moms to view and talk to their baby too. Well, there are more, but i'll leave it up to you to decide what's best to get, ya. Me, i'll be getting my friend a baby stroller this time.

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