Sunday, June 01, 2008

Weekend shopping

Weekends are meant for the kids. After breakfast, Gordon pwnd my pc as he wanted to play online jigsaw puzzles and Spongebob. The TV is also pwnd. There's nothing much that i can do except to stand around. I cant even sit down as Malcolm will pounce on me like cat.

Gordon horsing around

We took them to Canning Garden for lunch. Then headed over to Jaya Jusco as hubby wants a pair of new Crocs. Then Gordon wanted a go at the mini Carousel near Secret Recipe. Waited around for him to finish playing and went down to KFC for tea. MIL called up and asked me to buy a new Rice Cooker back.

Of all the kitchen appliances that we've bought over the years, our Rice Cooker must be the hardest working one. We replace one each year, lol. Reason is my FIL wants to keep the rice warm 24/7. No matter what brand we buy, it'll sure conk out in a year's time.

Malcolm's shoes cute or not???

Since we need to get Malcolm a new pair of shoes, we headed over to Parkson. Malcolm got his pair of new shoes, and i found another Panasonic Rice Cooker for my MIL. I wanted to buy the one that has the Cake function, but come to think of it, when will i ever get the chance to use it since there's rice in it all day long, lol.

Sony retractable headphones MDR-Q38LW

On my way out of the electrical store, this pair of Sony retractable headphones caught my eyes. Maybe it's the red on it. I had my Sony PSP out with me and the lousy headphones that came with it was inside my bag. I tried the Sony retractable headphones on and bought it on the spot.

Gordon looks cool with it too, lol. But it's not meant for him, okay. MINE MINE MINE!!! Now i wont rant each time i use them. If not for playing the stupid Patapon game, i wont need to splurge 79 bucks for this pair of retractable headphones. And it works for my Nokia N82 too :)

Looks like it's Gordon who didnt get anything today. Well, since we bought a new DVD player last week, we may just buy him a new VCD or DVD when we take them out again tomorrow. Damn, talk about the new DVD player, it's time i send it back to Tesco for a refund.

I'll never buy anything from that place again. Lousy quality stuffs sold there. No wonder so cheap lah. Damn far away from where i live and it's a real hassle when they dont work. And the DVD player cant play more than half the VCDs and DVDs in Gordon's ever-growing library.

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