Saturday, June 21, 2008


Happy happy, we take the kids out to Parkson since it's the weekend. After a meal at the foodcourt, we went for greentea ice-cream at the Tea Gallery. He then wanted to buy ciggies at Cold Storage. I then said no cos i dont want to be left with two kids by myself. Malcolm only wants to climb out of the stroller. Gordon may be playing with the PSP blissfully now, but you wont know when the fler will change his mind and wants to roam. He then said i dont give him face and after paying for the ice-cream, stormed out of the Tea Gallery. I followed as i wanted to buy cookies for my kids. Left Cold Storage after paying for my goods. Dont know where the fark he is now with Malcolm. Dont care also. You say i tulan or not, niamahfulat.

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