Sunday, June 22, 2008

Me and my Crocs Shoes

A friend emailed me and asked me about the new pair of Red Crocs Shoes my hubby bought recently. She says her hubby wants to try a pair of Crocs and liked the pair my hubby wore. He wants to know if it's available in a different color as he cannot stand the color Red, lol. I told her it's available in different colors other than Red. I know not everyone likes Red like both hubby and i. I also have a pair of Red Crocs Shoes, but it has Pink canvas too. I dont think i've posted a pic of it here before. Next post, k. Gotta show off a bit cos that pair of Crocs costs Rm209. Dont faint, ya. Crocs Shoes are really pricey here.

Ever since i bought my first pair of Crocs Shoes, i've stopped wearing the rest of my shoes. They are now rotting in the shoes cabinet, lol. Yes, believe me. It's a love-hate thingy when it comes to Crocs Shoes. It's either you love them, or you hate them. They are so soft, so comfy, so cooling, so light, so weird-looking, so Crocs, lol. Oh, you go add to the list, k. If only my kids would wear those Crocs Kids Croclings and Crocs Cayman Kids, i'd buy a pair each for them both. Those kids Crocs are so cute, you know. Too bad, they are just not interested. Even after i've put those cute little cartoon characters on them. No problem. I save more then. Can buy more for myself instead.

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