Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Looking for a T Shirt Maker?

It's really not east to get back to a blogging momentum after a long break. I have all the words scattered all over inside my brain, refusing to come out in a proper sentence. My income is on a downward spiral and i'm not too pleased with it. This afternoon, i took some time off to clear my desk of credit card bills and such. The mess is a real eye sore and very distracting. Now that my surrounding is better, my mind is clearer too. My next move is to clear the cabinets of old magazines and maybe pack up those books which i dont want and send them to the orphanage.

Ahhhh.... so much to do. If i dont get it done, i will keep giving myself lots of excuses to not blog. And then, there's my kids old clothes. Malcolm can wear Gordon's, but i have to give those that Malcolm's outgrown away. And boy, that lil' fler sure has lots and lots of clothes. There's one which i'm very fond of and dont have the heart to give away. It's a custom-made T shirt with very catchy wordings that says, "Handsome like my Daddy", LOLZ. I think i'm going to keep that and show it to him when he's big enough to understand what the phrase means.

I have an idea too. I'm going to think of more catchy phrases and order some from a T Shirt Maker for my kids. Much better than buying from the stores, eh. If you want some custom t shirts, you may want to check out the link here.

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