Monday, May 05, 2008

The weekend that was

Weekend was both blissful and busy at the same time. I went out a lot, cooked a bit, watched all the latest TVB drama series like Catch Me Now, A Journey Called Life, The Silver Chamber Of Sorrows Story and dunno what else non-stop. Knitted a lot and even finished the back piece of my crochet bolero whilst watching those TVB drama series in front of my pc. You can see the cream crochet bolero pattern here. Still doing lots of knitting and crocheting as once i start, i refuse to do anything else. It's kind of an addiction and indulgence at the same time.

Come tomorrow, i'll have more time on hand to kill. Why? Cos i finally enrolled Malcolm to the Nursery nearby my house. Both kids will go to school at the same time. Gordon comes home at 4pm and Malcolm will be home at 6pm. I can now use the 6 hours to update all my blogs in peace. I bought many toys for my kids over the weekend too. They are now playing with them happily and i'm glad to see them enjoying themselves. At least they'll leave me alone till they get bored with them, break them or lose a few pieces.


devi said...

Hi Samm,

I foresee blissful times ahead! What time do the kids go to school? Are they at home in the morning?
Buying time with kids around is a constant tug of war...its never long enough for some 'me' time. Do Malcolm and Gordon fight over toys?

aerin mommy said...

hi there samm,

enjoy reading your blogs. i read one on you feeding malcolm. my girl is about malcolm's age (now going to be 16 months) and she hates eating porridge. she eats very little..maybe only some rice crackers or rusk, few small spoons of cereal, maybe some fruits, and formula. how do you encourage malcolm to eat? at her age now her weight is only about 9kg. and she's skinny. any advice or tips you have would be much appreciated. thanks!

Samm said...

devi - yup, both with me in the morning until they go off to school at 12.30pm. As for toys, Gordon would want to try everything new first, lol. Then he'll go back to playing with his.

aerin mommy - I'll answer your question in my next post. Thanks for dropping by