Thursday, May 15, 2008

Water fun

The pail outside is far too small. So, i went and took a tub from the bathroom. It's much better. The weather's not hot today. In fact, i cant even find the sun, lol. Have a feeling it's gonna pour later tonight. Better get the kids back indoors before they get a chill. Thank god no wind. Time to go get an inflatable pool for them one day. Motherhood is bliss.


chris said...

Hi Sam, I saw your blog accidentally while I was Google-ing organic blog, as I just started practice organic lifestyle(I'm now munching organic dried apricot). And your title of your blog (Just My Lil' Organic Life)catch my eyes. After vet through your blog, I kinda confident to tell that you are from Ipoh. That makes me even more surprised, as my hometown is not far from Ipoh, called Kuala Kangsar. And.....and your knitting blog! I'm a knitter for couple of years, but still consider a beginner. I guess the yarn that you bought are from Lily at Yik Fong Complex? Probably this website would helpful. This shop is at Subang Taipan, however the owner (Brenda-from Sg Siput) does delivery. She is a wholesaler of knitting yarn, knitting books (Eng + Japanese), crochet, cross-stitch...etc.

Oh yeah...I'm Christine...nice to know you, Sam.

Outskirt Outreach said...

Ipoh rules!

I live in Ipoh too and it's nice that Sam's blog is giving everyone little nugget of insights of the local life here.