Friday, May 16, 2008

Three full days of insanity starts NOW

The week's been a really long one for me. Didnt even have the time to reply to some of your comments. I'm aware of every single one that comes in as i get notified via my mobile. Just that i dont have the time to sit down at my pc. Most of the image posts here are posted using my new Nokia N82. Been out every single day. Tired as hell.

It's already Friday night, and come tomorrow, my kids will be home 24/7 unless i send Gordon over to my mom's. Even then, Malcolm is still clingy and i cant really do much with him around me. Monday's a holiday, blehhhhhh. At least i got another blog up and running today. Hope GoogleGod loves it enough to give it top ranking on the SERPs.

I'm going out again. I've stopped taking the laptop to the foodcourt as i find that i cant blog there in peace. Yeah, lousy lighting fixtures too. Have to make do with both my O2 and N82. And knn, the gadget queen now cant seem to get the both of them to talk to each other, niamah. Gotta go back to the phone shop to get them paired in order for Bluetooth to work.

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