Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tong Sui at All Inn Cafe

Hubby drove me all the way to have Tong Sui here at All Inn Cafe. It's on the way back home anyway. We dont have much time to spare as the domestic helper is coming in at 2pm. All Inn Cafe is situated at the far end corner right behind Sun Yuen Loong in Pasir Puteh.

All Inn Cafe

Hubby had Aloe Vera with longan and red dates. It's served warm and not too sweet.

I had Sai Mai Low cos i love the sago and fruits with coconut milk in it.

Sai Mai Low is served iced and you can see how colorful it is. Not too sweet and the coconut milk makes the dessert so smooth and the sago adds more bite to it. iLIKEY!!!! Been there before?


Ydiana said...

Hi Samm

I can see that you're a food enthusiast. I love food too..(lol, who doesn't)...(roll eyes). Just where are you in Malaysia?

reanaclaire said...

where is this ALL INN... i didnt know there is a sun luen yoong in Pasir Puteh.. i love tongsui too.. he he

Raynebow said...

I'm quite regular going to Sun Yuen Loong whenever I'm back in Ipoh. But dunno about this tong-sui joint - will give it a try in my next trip back!