Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Lunch at Yee Huat

I wanted to go Greentown for lunch of Fish Head Bihun. Took one look at the clock and decided against it. Ended up having Curry Noodles at Yee Huat. It's the coffeeshop right opposite MGS school. Dont ask me for the name of the road. i dont know cos i dont drive. Fuyoh, this signboard wasnt on the wall the last time i ate here. And when was that? Too long to remember, lol.

See this huge signboard. Three items on it. Both wet and dry curry noodles, tea egg dessert and lormaikai. I wanted to try their lormaikai after having my Curry Noodles, but they say no more liao. Hubby also dont want to order the tea egg tong sui for me, cheh. So, i TEH him and insists he drive me to the tong sui shop somewhere behind Sun Yuen Loong at Pasir Puteh.

And here's what i ate for lunch. Good!! Still maintaining its standard. They didnt put dry curry chicken on my plate. Most likely finish liao. This only has char siu and prawns in it. So, what did you have for lunch?


L B said...

Really lau hau sui now.... Die..

Outskirt Outreach said...

This is the fav spot for spicing up my day. My sis went to MGS and she was the one who got me hooked to the place.

This place also serves the best "chee cheong fan" in the world!