Monday, May 19, 2008

Of watery eyes, contact lens and haze

My eyes have been stinging for days. I thought it's my contact lens due for a change. I checked the date and nope; not yet. Anyway, i'm out of contact lens and called up the optical shop and got them to order a new batch for me. If the stinging is not due to my contact lens, then it must be the blardy haze..... yerrrrrrrrrrr.

One look up the sky confirmed everything. I cant even see the hills. All blurred out by the haze. Whenever my eyes sting, it's a sure thing that the haze is back. Where from this time? Gawd.... my eyes are getting watery too. Looks like i wont be wearing my contact lens for a few days. Better remember to pick up my new contact lens tomorrow.

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Michelle said...

hi samm, can you please email me asap. i got the ads for u. the one shireen mentioned. =)