Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gordon's Mickey Mouse Tee is completed

Happy that i finally get to sit down and blog a bit. I wrote more than 20 posts in one sitting right after i got back from lunch. Updated many of my neglected blogs and was happy to learn that one of my blog's many pages has internal pr. That's really good as in time to come, they will move up the SERPs and earn me lots of money in the long run. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!

I think i've come to a point where i no longer need to write paidposts to hit my monthly targeted earnings. My new niche blogs are doing very well and it's time i sit back a relax a bit. You wont know how much i've missed normal blogging until you've reached my stage. Well, my closest blog buddies will understand. I've moved on to something more profitable and longterm.

And a little bit on my knitting progress. I finished Gordon's Mickey Mouse Tee. You can go take a look at it at my knitting blog. Am working on Malcolm's multi-colored striped pants. Didnt know working in the round can take such a long time. At the same time, my cream crochet bolero is also coming along fine. Working on the second front piece now.

See, with time on hand, i can do much more. There's just so much to blogging other than writing for others. It's time i write for MYSELF. All mine mine mine. My work now involves getting my new blogs to rank high in the next Google update. Hopefully, i get to see more Pr4 and Pr5, rinse and repeat. Aaaahhhhh.... blogging and making money online is so rewarding and satisfying.

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