Tuesday, April 01, 2008

How to prevent white hair?

Since i have so much work to do, hubby went to the foodcourt to tapau supper back. So loving, hoh. But then, no beer lorrr. Nevermind lah. Not feeling too well lah. It's better i drink my Ginseng wine before i go to bed afterwards. My kids are still up and running about the house, sigh. Aiya, i give them another 30minutes or so, then it's bedtime. I'm also tired like hell now.

Dohhhh.... all this stress is really giving me white hair lehhhh. Any idea how to prevent white hair? Dont say pull, hoh. Pull one grow three, lol. And i have a lot of white hair now. Each time i look into the mirror, i see white hair, yerrrrr.... getting old jor. I want to crop my hair short again. But if i dont dye it, all the white hair will show up.... kanasai.

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