Friday, March 07, 2008

School holiday start jorr lerr

Got the School Holiday Notice today, starting 7 March till 16 March. You say charrmm mm charrmm??? Now what am i going to do with Gordon for ten whole days. Well, that's apart from his daily homework lah, which by the way..... got so much, yorrrrrrrrrr. I have to sit down with him and coach him slowly. It's a very time-consuming process and stressful at times too.

What to do, my kid is Autistic and needs lot of help mah. Have to lohhh. He's doing very well with his speech and getting chatty too. Imitates me well and he SINGS too, LOLOLOL. Can laugh till die if you hear him sing. But then, iLIKE!!! I still havent got a clue as to how to keep him occupied without me yanking my hair out. Kl maybe... maybe, just maybe....

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