Thursday, March 06, 2008

The final days before the 2008 Malaysia 12th general Election

Everywhere looks like a political poster warzone these days. Posters and banners of all contesting parties are flying from all over the place. Bus stands, bridges, lamp posts, walls, roundabouts.... LOLOLOL. Too bad i missed the Lim Kit Siang ceramah at the foodcourt the other night. If not, got video thimm.

This is the bus stand right opposite Oldtown Kopitiam Shatin Park. What a sight. Full of Lim Kit Siang and Su Keong Siong's faces. Haiyo..... i'm so gonna get nightmare leh if i were to stare at those posters for long. Fugly fellas. You think they stand a chance or not this 12th Malaysia General Election.

This is the flyover at Pantai Puteri Hospital in Ipoh Garden South. I only see Barisan banners there? Why no DAP or PKR or PAS??? No money to put banners at strategic places kah? Oh, there are lots of these photos inside my hard drive, but i think these two enough lah.

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