Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My kids and their toys

Gordon never really had much patience with toys when he was around Malcolm's age. Malcolm just turned 20 months old a few days back. He can really sit down and play with his toys for a long time. This is a very old toy by Fischer Price which is no longer in production. Still in perfect condition though it's more than 10 years old.

Malcolm loves cars and i just bought him a new set a few days back. He will always take a toy car along with him when we take him go gaigai. We do have a lot of these small toy cars but they seem to disappear fast, lol. I think he must have thrown them into the trash bin as this is his latest hobby. Gordon was the same when he was this age too, lol.

Both Gordon and Malcolm loves to line up the cars. Gordon will walk up to me and tell me, "Train".... clever boy. The car in the middle has gone missing. New toys... less than one week old. In fact, two went missing, lol. Priced at rm19.90 with a 20% discount for a set of five cars. Thank god they are not expensive toys, if not.... what a waste.

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