Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A mother's story on stem cells and cord blood banking

Here are some of Malcolm's very precious baby pics. Though not taken by me. I never knew of their existence until my sis#1 showed them to me when we were at my sis#2 house early this month. Malcolm was only a few hours old when she dropped by the hospital with her kids. Malcolm's still very much a baby now, at 20.5mths old though. Haimai hou cute lehhhh.

I asked them if they wanted to view Malcolm's birthing process or not and they all screamed in delight at the chance to view a real Caesarean birth video. They got to know more about cord blood stem cells, cord blood banking and saw the whole cord blood collection process in the video. After i banked Malcolm's cordblood, i have since introduced many of my friends to cord blood banking in Malaysia.

It's just too bad i havent heard of cord blood banking in Malaysia when i was pregnant with Gordon back in 2003. Though cord blood banking in Malaysia was relatively new then, it was already too late when i got to know about the importance of cord blood stem cells and umbilical cord blood banking. You see, my Obs never told me about it and only asked me if i want to bank Gordon's cordblood when i was RIGHT THERE ON the operating table, niamah. So, i lost the chance to save Gordon's precious cordblood then.

I just pray to God that IF in the event Gordon should ever call upon this to save his life, Malcolm's cordblood will be a match and i dont have to go around hunting for compatible cordblood from other places. Choi choi choi choi choi......... It's a very very costly thing to source for compatible cordblood, be it locally or from overseas cord blood storage facility.

So, for those of you who are pregnant. Find out more about stem cells and cord blood banking, cord blood registry, and cord blood collection from your health practitioner. Make an informed decision on the importance of banking your baby's cord blood stem cells. You only get ONE chance. I missed once. But insists on banking Malcolm's precious stem cells with a reputable cord blood bank.

Malcolm at 20 months old now. See how long this lil boy's been with me. I snapped him trying to squeeze himself into the tight space right next to my cpu a few days back. There's a magazine holder right behind his butt. So, he cant really get inside. Merely fit into the remaining space. He wont give up trying. He'll drag the magazine holder out and i have to keep stuffing it back in. And this will go on until he gives up and move on to other mischiefs.

Gordon at 18 months old. See, they all like to do the contortionist act at that age, dont they??? Sigh... i really miss Gordon's baby moments. He's a real darling compared to Malcolm. Malcolm's a real handful and crybaby. Clingy to the max. Just hope he can lose that separation anxiety soon and get off my boobs for good. I havent slept for two freaking years. So, now you all know why i'm so ranting on my posts.... DOHHHHHH

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