Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And dinner is served

After the telecom techs left, i fast fast went to pick up my kid. They were supposed to come at 4.30pm but arrived at 4pm instead. When i was about to leave the house. There was nothing wrong with my knnccb line at all. The blardy phone jack came off, niamah. Dunno whom to blame now. Me or my kids lah. And i wasted two previous days ranting and whining, yerrrrrrrrr.

This will be tonight's dinner. Nothing fancy lah. I'm not a five-star hotel chef, k. S, dont expect much from me. Baked beans and eggs, stir-fried baby bok-choy with minced pork, and some dunno-what-fish-tail with sour plum sauce. Gordon doesnt eat baked beans. He only likes the eggs and the tomato sauce. Weird hoh. Nearly all the kids in my household love baked beans except him. Hmmmm???

He doesnt mind a bit of minced pork but i still cut up the vegetables with a pair of kitchen scissors before i serve it to him. As for the fish, he doesnt like the skin. Only the white parts. He's ok with the sour plum sauce though. Just leave the onions, ginger and red chilli out of his bowl or else, he takes one look at it and, "Mm-mai....". SO, for a fuss free meal time, i have to leave out everything that he doesnt like, period.

Chinese Herbal Soup ingredients comprise of some wai-san, tong-sum, pak-kei, mut-jou, longan and spare-ribs. My FIL loves spare-ribs but i think they turn the chinese herbal soup oily. Aiya, cant really satisfy everyone at the same time. Give and take a little lah. The oil wont kill me. Just drink the soup mah can jorr loh, haimai. He can whack all the spare ribs.

Just like the minced pork with vegetables. I prefer my vegetables plain with just garlic. But my MIL insists she wants meat in it, so you see minced pork there lah. I cannot even be bothered to really separate them up when i cook it. Why? Cos it'll be difficult to pick those tiny pieces out when i eat it later on. So, who's coming for dinner? Dare to eat what i dished out??

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L B said...

very niamah, that telephone jack!! Heh, but I don't have anyone else to blame if that happened to me...
The food very the yum yum... especially now lunchtime..