Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Martha Stewart on NTV7

Yeah yeah yeah, Martha Stewart is on and it's middle of the night. And you know what, Joan Collins is with Martha Stewart and OMFG.... she looks like one of those celebrity waxed dolls. Damn scary, i tell you. Images of formaldehyde swimming inside her and preserving her looks keeps swirling in my sick mind, *pukes pukes pukes* Her face is pulled way back so tight and her cheeks are like carved, LMAO!!!

Martha Stewart is making some dunno what cranberries and all i see is the huge cup of brain rotting sugar she poured in it and she said, "Not too much sugar, a cup is perfect for this recipe", LOL. I think Martha Stewart has all the domestic items covered, dont you think so? From furniture, to foodstuff, to kitchen appliances, to cookware, to wateva.... eh, shall i just buy my next foam mattress from Martha Stewart?

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