Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lim Kit Siang DAP ceramah in Ipoh

I go to the foodcourt so often and yet, i have to miss the day Lim Kit Siang had his DAP ceramah there, niamah. Hubby went there after a meeting with some friends and told me it was one of the most powerful speeches he had ever heard. He married a blogger and yet, didnt call to let me know so that i can go out to 8. Bloggable mah, haimai. Nor did he camwhore for me... ishhhh. Mana boleh. If i was there, i can absorb all the happenings of the Lim Kit Siang DAP ceramah in Ipoh and camwhore like sott mah. What a waste, hoh.

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Greenapple said...

oh i agree. you will do such a good job in capturing the moments ... am curious to know what will be in LKS's speech too.

ying zhen sai (very wasteful).