Saturday, March 29, 2008

I want to buy wireless headphone for laptop

Some people just arent cut out for sales. I wanted to buy a pair of headphone for laptop as the built-in speakers are not loud enough. As i was heading to Starbucks in Parkson, i walked past a pc fair and walked in to take a look. I saw some headphones for laptop in a rack and asked the salesman how much they cost. I didnt like what i saw and asked if they have wireless headphones for laptop or not. I really dont fancy them getting all tangled up each time i want to use them.

He didnt know and asked his colleague, who walked up to him and said, "Very expensive one worr", and showed the guy attending to me his hand signalling wireless headphones for laptop costs 60 bucks or so each. Tiu, stupid haimai. When people ask got or not, say got lah. Dont come and say things like expensive as if people cannot afford wireless headphones for laptop. Pissed me off, niamah. So, he lost a sale and i saved 60 bucks, Not that i'm despo for one also. Go buy elsewhere. Buy the most canggih wireless headphone for laptop, knnmcb.

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