Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gaotim sai, gaigai time, go Parkson, go Osim!!!

Since Malcolm is outside at the living hall with hubby, i took the opportunity to help Gordon with his homework. Damn, my right hand is blardy numb now from holding his small hand in mine. He wont write on his own lah. Just not there yet, you get what i mean? Nah, see.... gaotim sai lohhhh!!!

It's still early, maybe i just take a quick bath and head out to Parkson for some free massage therapy. You know lah, go to Osim mah can lorr, lol. Can sit on the Osim uRobic. Then, maybe give you Osim uRobic review later on if it's good. Anyone here bought the uRobic? Go go go.... go Parkson, go Osim.... YAY!!!

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