Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Malcolm and i are both sick :(

I'm sick. I'm down with fever and diarrhea. Both Malcolm and i have it and i slept for the better half of the day. Malcolm just wanted to nurse all day long and my arms are really tired from him sleeping on it as he nursed. My back aches too. At least there's no more fever and i'm feeling much better now. I even have appetite to eat though everything is tasteless now.

Hubby says if Malcolm still vomits like two nights ago, he may want to get him a sleep wedge so that he can sleep in an angled position. A sleep wedge is primary used for acid reflux but works too for young children who are sick and tends to vomit. This is from experience. But i guess we wont be needing it as he's doing fine after his medication. Hope the both of us recovers by tomorrow. I hate being sick.

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