Saturday, January 05, 2008

Who gambles during CNY?

How many of you gamble during Chinese new Year? Some say it's a good way to foster family ties. Me, i prefer to watch quietly. I dont like to lose money, lol. As usual, those who come by my place will hog the living room with their blackjack, poker or mahjong sessions. Hubby will entertain guests and relatives with a game or two. I dont mind card games, but hate the noise of mahjong tiles. Especially when someone slaps their winning tile on the table with a "Phoong" or "Kong". I'm thankful my MIL doesnt play mahjong. I dont have to bear with the irritating noise like my sis had to when she was living with hers.

My uncle told me he found those Top Gambling Websites very useful to him and told me to check them out. Geee, i'd rather spend time on other things like bake Chinese New Year cookies, lol. He can haunt those sites for as long as he like since he's retired and has plenty of time on hand to spare. Just dont buzz me on MSN to play a game or two with him will do. I really dont have the patience nor time to entertain him with that. Too many projects on hand to complete and time is of the essence.

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