Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's a rollator?

A new neighbor moved into the house a few doors away from ours a few weeks back. Though i've not met nor talked to them, i do pass by their house each day. I think there's only two person living there. One of them happens to be a handicap and uses a GoWheelchair-Rollator-2 to move about. My MIL met the lady a few days ago and learned that her husband met with an accident at work many years ago and now moves around with the help if the Rollator. He used a walker before but fouind the rollator easier to use and gave him more freedom.

So you know what a rollator is? According to the lady, it's a very good alternative to a walker. A rollator is kinda like a walker but it has four wheels, brakes, backrest and also flip down seat. The one her husband uses comes with a basket too. She says rollators are popular as they are easier to push than those traditional walkers. If you know of someone who's handicapped and in need of a rollator to move around, perhaps tell them about this site i mentioned here? GoWheelchair has a wide selection of rollators to choose from.

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