Monday, January 07, 2008

It's Monday

And Gordon goes back to school today. Hope he can still remember his friends and teachers and have a happy time away from me for a couple of hours a day. I forgot to collect his school books last Friday, lol. So, gotta wait till this afternoon to see what he'll be learning this year. These two years will be crucial to my kid as i need to prepare him for Std 1 in 2010. It will determine which school i'll register him at come 2009. I just hope he learns to write and speak more so that he can communicate with his teachers and friends. 2010 may sound so far away, but it's really not. Just hope he can cope and can study in normal schools without the need of those special schools for kids like him. Well, i wont know. I'll help him learn no matter what. Samm.... patience.... Samm.... more patience.... Samm....

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