Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gaigai or work?

Life is bliss when one get to work when gaigai. I'm now sipping cold Iced lemon tea and blogging away. Hubby has taken Malcolm upstairs to look for used cisco. Dunno what it is but as long as he's not bugging me and tugging at my tee, i'm more than happy to tap away at my keyboard. There were a few pretty young lasses seated across from us earlier and hubby took Malcolm over to khau them, lol. Classic, eh. Dont jeles. Sure hit one. It's nearly 3.30pm now and i'm about to pack up and head for home. Gotta fetch Gordon back from school. No need to take him out for tea as Mother-in-lawe cooked him his favorite steamed egg with minced pork... yummmmm. iLike!!!

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