Monday, January 07, 2008

First day of school

Gordon knows today's the first day of school and is very well behaved the moment he woke up. Although MIL bought Chee Cheong Fun for him, he asked for cookies and i made him a cup of milk. He even finished the Chee Cheong Fun after that, lol. He didnt fuss a bit when we sent him to school and walked inside by himself. I spoke with his headmistress for a while and told him about his progress over these six weeks. I told her to just let him have fun and let him learn at his own pace. She understood him and will try her best to encourage him. On the other hand, i have to put in more time for my kid this year as there will be some homework like writing and coloring. I bought some new workbooks to help him write. Hope he enjoys them. Samm's gonna be busy this year. If i can have a wish, i'd like to ask for 48 hours in a day.

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