Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Will i get fat once i've stopped nursing baby?

My friends are joking with me that i'll get fat once i've weaned Malcolm off me. They keep saying that i eat too much. But if i dont eat, i wont have enough nutrients in me to produce milk. And oh yes, the milkmaid tea helps of course. That's undeniable. That's why i keep buying and buying and buying from the online store. They were saying that cos Janice became really fat the moment she stopping nursing her baby.

She tried all kinds of diet and exercise and yet cant seem to get rid of the fat. She finally went to see a Lap band Surgery San Antonio Texas specialist and he took care of her weight problem for her. i dont think i'll ever need to pay him a visit. But if you have a weight problem, you may want to see him for a lap band surgery.

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