Thursday, December 20, 2007

Where to get the best celebrity memorabilia online

I'm really really sick of coming up with Christmas gifts for my old folks. I think i may have bought them everything in my mind right now. Too bad i lost the little book where i write down the items i've bought for friends and family members over the years so that i wont buy them the same item again. It's now only a few days left and i still havent a clue what to buy for them, sigh...... I asked my SIL for some hints as to what they'll like to have this year and she is also clueless. She told me all they enjoy these days are watching old movies.


You know, those black and white movies of yesteryears, with movies stars only they can connect with. What she told me gave me an idea instantly. I came across a website called Millionaire Memorabilia, that provides the finest in authentic movie, entertainment, celebrity and sports memorabilia. They have a huge selection of hand-signed and unsigned ,movie, sports, music and historic collectible that are sure to appeal to fans like my old folks. My dad is a huge fan of Lucille Ball and my mom likes to watch Al Pacino, lol. Can you believe it. I bet these will be the best gifts for them this year.

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