Sunday, December 30, 2007

My projects are all over the place

My whole room is strewn all over with my knitting and crochet projects now. I have them on my desktop, cabinet top and even drawer top, lol. Yes, all on top cos have to keep them out of Malcolm's reach. i cannot keep count how many knitting needles Gordon's broken. He dare not play with them now as i've whacked him many times before. But Malcolm is still too small to understand. And i dont want him blinded by those sharp end either, right.

I no longer buy bamboo knitting needles now as they cost a bomb. I just buy the normal 15 bucks a pair wooden type. Break also not so sum thoong. I also got news that our Customs have a new ruling on bamboo knitting needles. All cannot be imported due to some dunno wat wat virus strain. The in thing now is Clover plastic knitting needles. Havent tried them before. But i may just get a pair on my next trip to the yarn store.

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