Monday, December 31, 2007

Gordon learns to write

A few more days to go and Gordon goes back to school. He's turning 5 next year, and it's official Kindergarten year for two years. I hope my boy can cope as he's not like a normal kid. Did i tell you that Gordon is diagnosed with Autism some time back. He has difficulty with his speech and communication. Other than that, he's pretty alright. And downright smart and cheeky too. And ultra IT savvy for a 4 year old.

I guess he's been watching me work and grew up with computers and gadgets for as long as he can remember. I need to work a lot of his speech and communication skills. It can be downright frustrating for both mother and child when we dont or cant understand each other at times. Especially so when he cannot express his wishes. It's going to hard for him if he cannot speak when he goes to Std 1 in 2010.

So, these two years will be the most crucial time for both him and i to work on his speech. And of course, his writing. This fler doesnt really like to write but he's beginning to show interest in this area. Both of us are having fun with the Doodle Pro. I found that the stubby magnetic pen is easier for him to hold and learn to write. I bought him that many years ago and it's still in one piece, lol. He's calling out for me to get back to the Doodle Pro now.... brb

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