Thursday, December 27, 2007

Do give R.G. Skin Revitalizer a try!!!

We got a surprise visit this morning. A distant uncle came back from overseas and brought some R.G. Skin Revitalizer back for me. Told me it's my Christmas present, lol. He says it's made of the GAC fruit, and it is a very potent fruit that's very good for our skin and overall health. I know what the GAC fruit is as i've been drinking GAC juice for almost a year. It's nourishes and protects our skin from within. It's best for protecting our skin from the harsh rays of the sun. You know, they cause premature aging. Not to mention those pigmentation.

I seldom use moisturisers as i'm very particular over their texture. My sister is in luck as i'm going to give one to her. She's not tried this before and according to my uncle, is best for those that's out in the sun everyday. I hate going out in the afternoon as the sun can be a real killer. I have a choice as i dont work and hardly ever drive. My sister has to go to the office everyday and the sun's harsh rays is definitely unavoidable. If you are concerned over getting pigmentation and wrinkles, you must try this skin revitalizer. Do find out more by clicking on the link i provided here. Merry Christmas!!!

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