Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Why choose steel buildings?

My brother-in-law called me ask me for my help in designing his new office building. His business is expanding and he's constructing a new building to accommodate the extra manpower he'll be bringing in soon. he also ordered many new equipments from overseas and they will be arriving in a months' time. he's now worried that he might not get his building up in time before they arrive for his business to continue, he doesnt want to rent a factory to house them as those are very high tech machines and he's very afraid that something may happen to them like what it did to his friend.

I told him i really dont have the time to h elp him out with the design as my kids take up a lot of my attention. I told him to consider having his new building constructed of steel as they are very modern these days and takes minimal time to get done. My friend got his erected very quickly and there wasnt much problem too. He told me Steel Buildings are the best solution for businesses as they are way cheaper to constructed compared to other methods. He loves modern Steel Buildings for their simplicity and fuss-free maintenance. Another plus point is that should he need further expansion in the future, there will be minimal interruption to the existing one too.

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