Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Residential metal building

No more gloomy weather. The rainy season is finally over for good. I'm happy now as my kids can now go out and play in the field or garden again. They've been holed up with me for more than a month indoors due to the rainy season. The weather really made them restless all day long as they are so used to running about freely each evening. I can see them standing by the door waiting for the rain to stop. Too bad the rain always comes in the evenings at the time when they are supposed to be playing.

The field opposite our house is also quiet. No more children playing football there each evening. We were lucky this time as our roof didnt leak at all. It was terrible last years as we didnt know we had a few broken roofing tiles and there was so much water inside our house when the rain came. We cannot get it repaired also as it rained nearly every single day for days on end. A friend of mine told me she had to replace hers too, but she chose to have metal roofing this time as it's easier to maintain. She told me Metal Buildings are very common theses days. Many people are opting for Metal Buildings even as residential buildings as they now have very modern designs.

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