Saturday, November 17, 2007

My very first cup cake

Not bad mah, haimai. There's another loaf inside the toaster oven, 20 minutes to go. I made 6 of these cupcakes as i had many cups from 4 years ago. Bought when i was on a baking attack when i was around 5 months pregnant with Gordon. It tastes great. Now, i can truly say i can bake, lol. Have a bite. Waiting for the oven's bell to "tingggggggg" now..... i go check on my checking account sinnnn.... brb


Foods for the souls said...

Can open online bakery store, then, buy Ashop ecommerce shopping cart (rubbing it in in case you forget) and open e-bakery.

Foods for the souls said...

Wuah..looks so yummy wor.