Saturday, November 17, 2007

Gambling is NOT for everyone

Now, dont get all worked up and start flakking me when i crap about gambling. The sad truth is if you cannot afford to lose money, then you shouldnt gamble, k. It's just like smoking, drinking and womanizing. All painfully addictive and can break your wallet too if you are not careful. Gambling is very much a personal choice. Call it a lifestyle, or vices if you like. To me, it's all but a bad bad habit. It takes lots of money to gamble and if you dont have it, then dont try it.

Of course there are those who loves the thrill of winning and losing. So, here is the top united states top united states online casinos for your reference. According to my neighbor, who loves to play at online casinos, he goes there a lot to check which online casino offers the best payout for him. He says the site is useful and well designed even for those who are not internet savvy. So, if you are into online gambling, you may want to check the site out. Me, i'd rather use the money and buy some expensive yarn and knit all day....

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