Monday, November 05, 2007

Have you heard of condor options?

Mu uncle made a lot of money dabbling in the stock market. He's very good at analyzing which stock will go up. I think he's gifted, lucky eh. He used to tell me that it's all hard work and not so much on luck. He spend a lot of time studying each stock before investing in them. Too bad i dont have the knack for it. But he did say that he'll teach me if i'm really interested. Of course i'm interested, but i wont put too much money into something that i'm not familiar with. He says it's really not that difficult to learn though.

He told me to check out iron condor, an options trading newsletter. A friend of his introduced my uncle to iron condors, which is designed to help him generate consistent 10% monthly returns with just 10 minutes a week. My uncle is tired of trying to pick good stocks. He's also sick of figuring out complicated charts. There's no way he can predict how the market is going from one day to the next. He says the iron condor strategy doesn't care about individual stocks as it doesn't require any complicated analysis. It's helped him make money no matter which direction the market goes. Sounds interesting enough. But i'll need time to check it out first.

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Brad F said...


These guys are very unprofessional and unethical!
First, if you cancel they continue to bill you and REFUSE to reimburse you! Second, they go into unprofessional rants about their competition. They name call and slander, it get’s pretty intense. I did not sign up for that. Third, they have nothing to offer. If the market goes against you they offer no advice on how to hedge your position. Just sit back and loooose, you do not have to pay $139 a month for that!